BCM 325 DA Beta Presentation

by Miki Kan Wing Yi

In the Beta presentation, I specified the content, utility, continuity to the next part and methodology. The first part of my DA focused on how dystopian work’s depiction and prophecies came true as humanity progresses. I went in detail on 3 control/scenarios that has come true and provide real life examples.

On the methodology, I used the ones mentioned in my pitch. For the next part of my DA, I will talk about in 10 years, what are some for seeable dystopian disasters and what can we do as human to stop them. I look forward to do more digging for this topic. I enjoy the research process and learnt a lot in it.

3 thoughts on “BCM 325 DA Beta Presentation”

  1. Hi Miki,

    I really appreciate what you have done so far. Many of us don’t like the working environment just like hell, working in a disaster place. And in future there are many uncertainties in this working environment.

    In my opinion, I think you could mention the reality of distopian work. Is there any examples in reality of distopian work. And how different shareholders can address the problem. The social effect is quite important in this case. Are there have legislations that helps us prevent the worst case happen in future etc.

    So far your digital artefact blog post are informative. I hope my comment could help you on your digital artefact final. I am looking forward to seeing your work.



  2. Prophecies of Dystopian Works has a study regarding “Keeping Up with the Kardashian”. Article can be found below,

    Your topic interesting and unique. I have never thought of prophecies of Dystopian Works. I have learnt how mass surveillance became reality. We never expected that government can listen to our calls, read our emails and watch everything we do on the internet. Your topic revolves around government control, technology control and environmental destruction.

    Your prototype is informative. The articles and research you have done is excellent as it explains everything we need to know about your topic in an easy, smooth and related manner. Although your Beta is just an overview of your DA, I highly appreciate you using book and movie references. It gave me an idea of what your blogs had discussed. I believe the key point in your Beta is how human is treated like product.

    Your methodology choice is time-consuming, but it is highly effective as your topic has potentially hearsay, therefore your DA delivery will be rich of information and supporting arguments/evidence. I am looking forward with what you have found through your video essay as video essay are filled with lots of easter eggs. Social media as a feedback loop should be okay. However, I worry you might have difficulties using social media as most feedbacks are vague. Hopefully you will not alter too much of your DA based on the comments.


  3. Hi Miki, I really like your topic, it is something most people did not notice when they read or watch these literary works. I do suggest that you point out some comparisons from these works to the things happening today, there have been many cases where the news is being altered or hidden and how the technology shares similarities with the literary works. You can also see how the political climate and the virus had affect the peoples lives today.

    It is a great topic and I can’t wait to see what you had in store for the next post.



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